Four Must Visit Destinations - Cyprus

Cyprus lies at the crossroads of three continents, where East meets West and a new experience awaits under the sun every day. With its championship golf courses, inviting beaches, and breathtaking mountain trails, Cyprus has everything for everyone.

Visitors are just spoilt for choices with a myriad of activities starting with snorkeling and diving in the warm crystal clear seas to windsurfing and sailing and coastal cruising and even extreme adventures like deep-water fishing. Mountains rise to almost 2,000 metres above sea level and are postcard-perfect peaks that provide panoramic views from all corners of the island.

St John’s Cathedral in Lefkosia

St John’s cathedral with its frescoes and the marvellous museum of Byzantine icons is a must visit. In the evening one can watch a concert in the moat or an exhibition at the Famagusta Gate, one of the three original entrances into the old city, which has now been restored and is used as a cultural centre.

Larnaka Salt Lake

The Larnaka Salt Lake is a unique area of natural beauty and an important habitat that has been declared a protected area. Its wetlands are a magnificent site for bird watching, providing a feeding and roosting area more than 80 species of birds. A stopover for thousands of migratory birds, the Salt Lake is particularly noted for its flamingos that winter on the island feeding off the brine shrimp. Completing the picture postcard beauty of the glimmering water dotted with pink specks is the oasis-like backdrop that is the home to the Hala Sultan Tekke, one of the holiest Muslim sites that houses the tomb of Umm Haram.

Mosque of Hala Sultan Tekke

The mosque of Hala Sultan Tekke, situated in Lemesos is an important place of Muslim pilgrimage. Its minaret rises up amidst a copse of tall palm and cypress trees, shimmering like an oasis mirage on the edge of the salt lake, a favourite winter habitat for flamingoes and other migratory birds. 

St. Paul’s Pillar

One must visit the St. Paul’s Pillar in Pafos where legend has it the Apostle was flogged before converting the Roman governor, Sergius Paulus, to Christianity. A few miles outside the city, the rock of Aphrodite emerges from the sea. According to legend, Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of love, rose from the waves in this strikingly beautiful spot.


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