Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood is The Entertainment Capital of L.A. and the only movie and television-based theme park to offer guests the authenticity of a working movie studio.  Within its gates, the rich heritage of movies past and all the stars and excitement of today’s Hollywood truly come alive.

Once you enter via the iconic red carpet entry gate an authentic movie magic experience is there to explore.

Why Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood’s signature attraction, the world-renowned behind-the-scenes Studio Tour offers guests a unique opportunity to embark on an even closer journey to the inside workings of one of the most elusive businesses: Hollywood magic.  With guidance from knowledgeable Studio Tour Guides, guests explore the 415-acre movie studio complex of soundstages, facades, working sets and special effects attractions. The  Tram Ride has taken over 150 million visitors behind-the-scenes of the movie and television industry’s biggest hits taking in working soundstages and sets, movie facades and recreated streets of the world and through a variety of special effects attractions designed to show case special effects.


Transformers: The Ride-3D

Transformers: The Ride–3D, based on the iconic brand from Hasbro and electrifying film franchise, directed by Michael Bay, and celebrated for its multi-generational appeal, inventive storyline, spectacular action sequences and amazing special effects, revolutionized  theme park ride perceptions when it opened as a cutting-edge mega-attraction at Universal Studios HollywoodSM in May 2012. The dynamic, motion-based thrill ride tells an original Transformers story using original, photo-realistic 3D-HD media, sophisticated special effects masterminded by Industrial Light & Magic, and one of the most elaborate roaming flight simulator ride systems ever created. Fusing high-tech elements Transformers The Ride–3D is Universal Studios Hollywood’s most ambitious ride ever created and has set a new standard in the world of theme park.

Jurassic Park—The Ride

Universal Studios Hollywood brings famed director Steven Spielberg’s epic movie roaring to life with Jurassic Park—The Ride. The phenomenal interactive ride thrusts guests into the living, breathing, prehistoric world of Jurassic Park, a land where stormy skies are pierced by colossal, three-dimensional, five-story dinosaurs and a world where visitors discover that they have become prey for a terrifying T-Rex. Jurassic Park—The Ride combines the most sophisticated state-of-the-art computer and robotic technology to create animatronics figures that are more advanced than any other ever designed.

King Kong 360 3-D Created by Peter Jackson

King Kong, among the screen’s most powerful and enduring icons, is part of Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour. King Kong 360 3-D Created by Peter Jackson is the largest, most intense 3D experience on the planet, combing thrilling visual effects with the world’s largest Surround Digital projection system to create a next-generation theme park experience. Aboard the Studio Tour trams guests are transported — via the magic of Surround Digital 3D projection — deep into a tangled jungle location. They’ll find themselves caught in the middle of a titanic struggle between a 25’ Kong and a 35’ tall voracious dinosaur, action which sends the packed trams sliding ever closer to the edge of a bottomless chasm.

Revenge of the Mummy—The Ride

The theme park’s first-ever roller coaster, Revenge of the Mummy—The Ride is based on the phenomenally popular Mummy films. A state-of-the-art roller coaster, the attraction taps into rider’s primal fears through immersion in a total multi-sensory environment.  Utilizing animatronics, sophisticated motion picture technology, state-of-the-art ride, audio and robotics engineering, the ride preys upon common human phobias:  fear of the dark, fear of insects, fear of speed, fear of heights and fear of death to deliver the world’s first psychological thrill ride.

War of the Worlds & Other Famous Movie Sets

Passing through one of the film’s most highly recognizable scene from a set left completely intact from Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster War of the Worlds guests aboard the Studio Tour will observe a small town devastated by an elaborately choreographed 747 jetliner crash. Maintaining scenic authenticity, a series of special effects dramatically enhance the surrounding ruins with still-smoking wreckage and shattered debris.

In true Hollywood fashion, the War of the Worlds set is sandwiched among other original sets, including those from Jurassic Park: The Lost World, the snow-covered town of Whoville from Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and the Psycho House and Bates Motel from Alfred Hitchcock’s classic thriller Psycho. Several decades of blockbuster movie history are crossed in just a few hundred yards.

The Fast & The Furious Extreme Close-Up

A visually spectacular chase sequence inspired by the much anticipated Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift film is an exciting new addition to the Studio Tour. Utilizing advanced robotics and state-of-the-art computer generated “previsualization” technology – a technique used to define and refine complicated chase sequences – the new tram experience will thrust guests into in-your-face close-up range of the pulse-pounding, rubber-burning underground world of drift street racing.

Flash Flood

The Flash Flood attraction is designed to simulate the wrath of Mother Nature during a torrential down pour and on cue, pelts the tram with “movie rain.” Culminating in a devastating flash flood visual effect, the attraction will become an even wetter experience as 40,000-thousand gallons of water are dispensed and strategically placed new water canons heighten the drama.

Earthquake—The Big One

Housed within a two-story soundstage containing a recreation of a modern subway station, “Earthquake—The Big One” puts guests in the midst of a fully dressed movie set, ready for filming. In slightly more than two minutes, the earth literally collapses, simulating the devastation of an 8.3 magnitude earthquake. As the pavement collapses above them, guests face sparking power cables, felled telephone poles, noxious gases, a crashed 18-wheeler containing highly flammable contents, and a massive 60,000-gallon flood.


 General Admission

 $80 Ticket includes one day admission, including all rides, shows and attractions.

2 Days for $89

 Only $9 more than 1-Day General Admission. Enjoy all Universal Studios Hollywood rides and attractions a second day for only $9 more than General Admission! Your first visit can be made any day through December 31, 2013. (No need to select a specific date). Buy now – this offer is not available at the Park ticket booths. This offer is valid for two visits for the same guest within any 30-day period.

Front of Line Pass

Skip to the front! Includes park admission with one-time priority access to each ride, show & attraction – including Transformers: The Ride-3D! Buy in advance to avoid sellouts as numbers are limited. You do not need to select a specific day to visit. However, you must purchase for the correct date range as prices vary. Starting from $129.

VIP Experience

 Your exclusive access to Hollywood awaits an unforgettable experience. Go behind the scenes and visit closed sets on Hollywood’s most famous movie-studio backlot. Plus you’ll enjoy VIP privileges at Universal Studios Hollywood theme park, with escorted priority access to all rides, shows & attractions. Advance reservations are recommended. Book now while spaces are available! Price $289

 The additional access to key Studio production areas now allows VIP Experience guests the opportunity to see the machinery of the filmmaking process in its entirety, including sound stages and standing sets, post-production bays and craft support facilities, as well an up-close view of an authentic Academy Awards® Oscar® statuette.

Guests are steered through the famed studio’s movie lot in groups of no more than 15 persons and travel aboard comfortable trolleys designed to provide them with an optimal view of every facet of the studio. VIP Guides, armed with an encyclopedic knowledge of the studio’s history as well its current production schedule, provide a personalized commentary.

Special Effects Stages

The entertainment industry’s greatest movie making illusions takes center stage in Universal Studios Hollywood’s multi-media attraction, Special Effects Stage, which provides a fast-paced, funny and compelling behind-the-scenes look at the fast-changing world of Hollywood movie-making magic. Via the magic of digital technology, the “Special Effects Stage” allows guests to participate in pivotal scenes from some of Universal’s most memorable films and reveal the hidden secrets of some contemporary filmmaking techniques that produce the slight-of-sight effects thrills in Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters.

Universal CityWalk

Universal Studios Hollywood not only includes a movie-based theme park but also sits adjacent to the Universal CityWalk shopping and dining complex and the Gibson Amphitheatre concert and special event venue.

CityWalk is where the coolest street meets the Entertainment Capital of Los Angeles. In the heart of CityWalk is a Cinema Stadium AMC movie theater that has 19 screens, including a 7-story IMAX®, the original in fact!

There is also the 5 Towers venue host to all sorts of musical events, a comedy store, indoor bowling even indoor Sky Diving and a whole range of restaurants to suit all palettes.


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