Preparations for 'India Day' in Seychelles in full swing
13 Aug 2013

In a bid to boost bilateral relations between India and Seychelles, the Seychelles Ministry of Tourism and Culture earlier announced that the country will include an India Day in its events list commencing this year. In a meeting with Minister Alain St. Ange and Benjamine Rose, the Principal Secretary for Culture, Thanglura Darlong, High Commissioner of India explained that preparations for this first Seychelles-India Day set for 4th - 6th October 2013 are "exceeding expectations", with confirmed participants being top celebrities and performers primarily from Bollywood.

“I am very much encouraged and I am enthusiastic about the efforts put into the organisation of the first Seychelles-India Day. We’ve have now set up sub-committees for fund raising, for the exhibition and for the organisation part of the celebrations,” said Thanglura Darlong, High Commissioner of India.

[Image: Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister for Tourism and Culture taking stock of new developments from the Seychelles-India Day Celebrations working Committee]

The Seychelles-India Day Celebrations will kick off on Friday 4th October with an official opening ceremony in Victoria. Activities will continue during the weekend in the capital with a food court of Indian food and several musical performances. A photo exhibition tracing the cooperation between Seychelles and India will be one of the highlights of the event.

Minister St.Ange said that the Seychelles-India Day Celebrations is a positive move for the country. It will bring the Indian community in Seychelles together and will mark the role they have played in the economic development of Seychelles. 

“The Seychelles-India Day Celebrations is a golden opportunity to give the Indian community living in Seychelles its rightful recognition. Above all it is a positive move for the growth of our relations with India and for Seychelles to mark through its very own calendar of events the historical link with India. Many young Seychellois today trace their family lines back to someone who arrived from India. Apart from France, Africa and the UK we have always known that we had in the earlier part of our nation building settlers from India and China who have played their part to make Seychelles the multi ethnic country we have today. This is why we needed to be true and fair to ourselves as a Nation to include a Seychelles-India Day Celebrations on our annual list of events,” said Minister Alain St.Ange.

The Indian High Commissioner noted that the support from the Indian business communities had been overwhelming in organising the event. However, he said that more support is needed from the local business community and he joined Minister St.Ange in appealing to the business sector at large to “come on board and make this event the success Seychelles deserves”.

“The Seychelles-India Day Celebrations is not only targeting the Indian community living in Seychelles, but also the People of Seychelles as a whole. We should come out in force to support this event and make Seychelles proud,” said Minister St.Ange.


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